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Knife and blade

Machine knives are cutting tools with a wide range of applications...

Knife and blade

Machine knives are cutting tools with a wide range of applications, ranging from the average craftsman’s workshop to the most modern and automated industrial plants. Due to the wide variety of working conditions, the right choice of knives is of great importance. The maximum performance of our knives and blades is fully guaranteed because the choice of knife steel as well as the entire process of making the knife itself is done in our own factory with proper study and using the latest and most advanced technology. EQUIPMENT Good quality machine knives are expected to have the following characteristics: hardness, compressive strength, wear resistance, edge retention, and impact resistance, careful knowledge of these factors, along with a careful selection of the quality and chemical composition of the tool steel, painstaking heat treatment and with Backed by more than 5 decades of expertise in knife making, it is very effective in providing a product of excellent quality. Today, engineers and factory people pay close attention to the cost and life of their tools, and comparison between different types of tools has become more necessary. The demand for durable knives is increasing and that is why our product is quickly gaining a reputation for reliability and high performance in any working conditions. T. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the market with our impeccable product range. We manufacture a complete range of machine knives and blades for all cutting, slitting, or cutting applications required by the following industries: paper and pulp, tissue, paper converting, plastics, film, foil, packaging, metal, rubber, Tire, textile, and leather industry. Circular Knives: Cutting Knives and their Holders, Scoring Knives, Paper Core Cutting Knife, Slicing Knife, Slicing Knife, Slicing and Cutting Knives, Perforating Wheels, etc. Knives and blades for the plastic industry: Granulator blades, pelletizing knives, and rotors, shredder blades, compactor cutter blades, film cutter blades, etc. Knives for paper, tissue, paper converting, and printing industry: cutting knives and their holders, sheeting knives, paper core/tube cutting knives, trim-blowing knives, etc. Metalworking blades: cutting blades, cutting blades, spacers, etc. Knives for the rubber and tire industry: bias cutting knife, bail cutting knives, automatic scissor knife, cutting knife, tread cutting knife, etc. Industrial Razor Blades: We offer a wide range of razor blades for industrial use only.

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