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Barman Tejarat Rayan Company (B.T.R.)

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Barman Tejarat Rayan Company (B.T.R) and its subsidiaries with more than 20 years of experience in the field of providing and supplying ceramic filters for foundry industries, chip removal and special tools, measuring devices, mold equipment used in various industries and providing optimal methods Sazi Al-Alat, by employing specialized and experienced staff and providing after-sales services and providing free consultation in the field of parts production process, would be proud to participate in the goals of that respected company.

Our featured products

Cast ceramic filters

  • This series with different PPIs for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum,
    magnesium, zinc and . . is used

Disc band saws

  • Some of the advantages of these saws are as follows: It has a variety of products for all types of cutting, including cutting hard metals, soft materials, stainless steel, glass wool, composites, etc., longer service life of the teeth, reasonable price, etc. .

Shaving tools

  • Machined parts: bearings, gears, gear shaft, high hardness component, powder metallurgy valve seat, valve seat ring, engine cylinder bore, powder metallurgy parts, carbide/cemented carbide parts
Your trust is our capital
Board of Directors

Morteza Imandar

Technical expert - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nasser Azimi


Ali Aghazadeh

Sales Manager

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