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Cast ceramic filters

Cast ceramic filters

Pores Per linear Inch

  • Porosity size in these products is expressed based on the number of pores per linear inch unit or PPI for short. In other words, the higher the PPI number, means there are more pores per inch (equivalent to 2.54 mm), and therefore the size of the holes is smaller. Depending on the intended application, the choice of PPI ceramic filter product is considered an important and technical matter. Of course, the higher PPI of the product increases its filtration capacity for smaller particles. In the table below, the approximate size of the holes and the ratio of surface to volume according to each PPI are listed. In the figure below, a visual guide is provided to compare the types of ceramic filters with PPI produced by this company.

    magnesium, zinc and. . is used . .

This series is used with different casting PPI in all kinds of steel.
This series with different PPIs for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc and. . . is used. . .
This series with different PPIs are used for casting cast irons and iron alloys.
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